Bulls, Bears, and Bitcoin: Another Crazy Week Ahead


[CryptoButthead.com , msc , bsc , April 29, 2024] Yo friends … Ash and Booker here, bringing y’all a down-home, yet sharp-witted roundup of this wild week in the financial markets. 📈🤠 Let’s get to diggin’ into the nitty-gritty without wasting a hot minute!

First up, ain’t it a hoot that over 200 of them big ole S&P 500 companies done reported their earnings for the first quarter by last Friday? And would ya believe it, a whopping 80% done beat the street’s expectations. Now, that’s what we call shootin’ past them targets! 🎯

But don’t move too fast, ’cause the real thing starts this Wednesday when the U.S. Federal Reserve’s gonna announce their latest interest rate decision. Fed Chair Jerome Powell will be takin’ center stage at a press conference soon after. With the markets jittery as a jackrabbit, all eyes are glued on what ol’ Jerome has to say. 🏦👀

Today, after the closing bell, MicroStrategy’s gonna spill the beans on their quarterly digits. Folks are buzzin’ to see if they’re tallying up their numbers using the new-fangled FASB model. And come Thursday, more of them market heavies will be showin’ their financial hand.

Now, let’s yarn about Tesla—yep, Elon Musk’s pride and joy. They’ve just got the nod from China to roll out their Full Self-Driving tech over yonder after Elon dropped by for a surprise howdy-do. Looks like Tesla’s teamin’ up with Baidu, and let me tell you, that spells a potential gold mine for them long-haul investors. 🚗💨

Switchin’ gears to a pricklier patch, the U.S. and European Union are nosing around trying to put the brakes on crypto innovation with some harsh rules. The European Parliament has gone ahead and slapped some stringent anti-money laundering laws on crypto transactions. Talk about a party pooper for privacy and innovation! 🙄

Meanwhile, the SEC is dilly-dallying with decisions on Bitcoin ETFs and lookin’ likely to nix Ethereum ETF proposals.

On a brighter note, Jack Dorsey’s Block is whippin’ up a storm with a new 3nm Bitcoin mining chip aimed at shakin’ up the mining hardware market.

Over in Japan, Metaplanet’s taken a page out of MicroStrategy’s book, snagging a cool ¥1 billion ($6.25 million) in Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset. And watch Australia—them folks are hoppin’ onto the Bitcoin ETF bandwagon too, hot on the heels of the U.S. and Hong Kong. 🌏💼 DigitalX!

Here’s hopin’ May keeps the market winds a-blowin’ in our favor. Remember, don’t sell in May and go away; stick around, ’cause we sure are!

Ash and Booker, peace out friends. ✌️🌾

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