From Farmer Uprisings to Bitcoin Breakouts – A Wild Start to 2024!


[ , msch, mschro, January 8, 2024] Ash and Booker here, bringin’ you the lowdown on what’s shakin’ in this second week of 2024. And let me tell ya, it ain’t just about crypto this time – there’s a whole heap of happenin’s worth yappin’ about.

First off, let’s tip our hats to them German farmers and truckers. They’re madder than a wet hen and are standin’ up to their government. Blockin’ highways left and right, they’re showin’ what happens when you mess with the folks who put food on your plate. We know a thing or two ’bout that, bein’ from the land ourselves. They’re fightin’ against them globalists who’re tryin’ to turn our way of life topsy-turvy. If they go down, we’re all in a pickle. So, let’s rally behind ’em!

Now, speakin’ of farmland, did y’all know that Bill Gates owns a whole mess of it here in the States? ‘Bout 270,000 acres, makin’ him the biggest landowner in the U.S. Now, we ain’t got nothin’ against ol’ Bill, but farmin’ ain’t exactly his forte. We’re all for capitalism, but when it starts messin’ with our farmland, that’s where we draw the line.

Governments that are kickin’ their own farmers to the curb and supportin’ this kinda stuff? That just don’t sit right with us. Y’all need to stand by your farmers and fight against these undemocratic shenanigans, or we’re all headed for a heap of trouble.

Switchin’ gears to the crypto and stock markets, it’s been a bumpy ride, but we’re hangin’ in there. A lot of the sellin’ was in the Magnificent 7 ’cause investors were cashin’ in on them big gains from 2023. But us? We’re HODLing like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, here’s the juicy part: Bitcoin ETF applicants are scramblin’ to lower their fees. BlackRock’s down to 0.30%, and ARK’s at 0.25%. Wall Street thinks they’re gonna change Bitcoin, but it’s gonna be the other way ’round. CNBC’s even sayin’ a spot Bitcoin ETF might get the green light this Wednesday. That’s gonna be a game-changer, folks.

Gabor Gurbacs hit the nail on the head: If you’re thinkin’ in billions instead of trillions, you’re missin’ the big picture. With central banks printin’ money like there’s no tomorrow and fiat currencies gettin’ weaker, Bitcoin’s got no ceiling ’cause fiat’s got no floor.

And that brings us to why we’re HODLing. It ain’t just ’til the ETF gets approved or the next Halving. We’re in it for the long haul ’cause fiat’s goin’ back to bein’ the thin air it was made from. And when the banks start strugglin’, Bitcoin’s gonna be the life raft.

Just as we’re typin’ this, boom! Bitcoin breaks $47,000, hittin’ a 20-month high. Seems like someone’s readin’ our minds, eh, Ash?

You bet, Booker. And get this: Standard Chartered Bank says spot bitcoin ETFs could bring in $50-100 billion in inflows in 2024. Plus, the number of merchants acceptin’ bitcoin has tripled in the past year. Over 6,000 vendors worldwide now, with a big chunk in Latin America.

Cathie Wood’s got it right too. Bitcoin’s not just a risk-on asset; it’s a risk-off asset too. In these shaky economic times, havin’ somethin’ with no counterparty risk is gonna be more and more crucial.

So, folks, if you ain’t HODLing Bitcoin for at least the next 10 years, you’re gonna be kickin’ yourself. Put in $5,000 now, and who knows, you might be sittin’ on a million in a decade. But remember, always do your own research and manage your risks. No investin’ without a solid plan.

Well, that’s enough jawin’ for today.

Ash and Booker, signin’ off. Peace out, friends!



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