Crypto Climbs, Tech Triumphs, and the Old Guard’s Misfires


[ , msc, mschro, March 10, 2024] Hey there, folks! It’s Ash and Booker, back again to chew the fat on another whirlwind week in the world of finance. Let’s just say, if this week was a rodeo, we’d all be hangin’ on for dear life!

First off, let’s talk about those so-called “old school analysts” who’ve been scratchin’ their heads raw tryin’ to make heads or tails of the market. Remember when they were all hot and bothered, pushin’ stocks like Costco on us? Well, buckle up, ’cause Costco took a nosedive from $786 to $725 in just one week! And let’s not even get started on New York Community Bancorp (NYCB) – from $13 in July 2023 down to $3.40 now. Talk about a bumpy ride.

Booker: And then they have the gall to tell us that tech stocks are too pricey and it’s all just AI hype. Their solution? “Buy Costco.” Well, no thank you, sir. We ain’t buyin’.

Ash: You said it, Booker. Meanwhile, back at the crypto ranch, Bitcoin and Ethereum are gearing up for another showdown at the OK Corral. Bitcoin’s eyein’ that $70,000 mark again, while Ethereum’s got its sights set on bustin’ past $4,000. Strap in, ’cause this week’s lookin’ to be another wild one.

And let’s give a big ol’ tip of the hat to Coinbase. Their shares galloped into nearly forgotten territory, surpassin’ their initial direct-listing price of $250 for the first time in over two years. With the crypto market’s resurgence, Coinbase’s stock has soared over 350% compared to last year. And with them playin’ custodian to the majority of U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs, well, let’s just say they’re sittin’ pretty.

Booker: Don’t forget about the Bitcoin miners, Ash. They’ve been on a spendin’ spree, shelling out over $1 billion on new gear since February 2023. And with Bitcoin’s halving on the horizon, we’re seein’ transaction volumes and energy consumption hit record highs. Texas might be the hotspot now, but folks are lookin’ all over, even places like Ethiopia, for that sweet, sweet electricity.

Ash: And here’s the kicker – the days of seein’ Bitcoin and Ethereum prices in the five and four digits might soon be just a memory. With Coinbase and Grayscale cozyin’ up to the SEC, pushin’ for regulatory approval for spot ether ETFs, we’re on the cusp of somethin’ big. Grayscale’s lookin’ to transform its Ethereal Trust into a spot ether ETF, and folks, that could be a game-changer.

Booker: So, as we kick back this lovely Sunday, let’s gear up for the excitement the new week brings, especially with the Consumer Price Index numbers comin’ in on Tuesday.

Till next time, y’all. Peace out and keep your eyes on the prize – whether it’s in the stock market or the crypto world, the future’s lookin’ bright.



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