Ash and Booker’s Rundown: From Bitcoin Whales to Global Politics – A Spirited Third Week of 2024!


[ , msch, January 19, 2024] Hey there, y’all! It’s Ash and Booker, back again in this lively third week of 2024, and let me tell ya, things are as stirred up as a hornet’s nest!

First off, let’s gab ’bout the Bitcoin ETF. It’s finally approved, but we’re still waitin’ to see the real impact. It’s a crying shame that institutions are jumpin’ into Bitcoin at these prices. So, to all them Bitcoin whales who swore to HODL but didn’t, y’all can kiss our grits! You ain’t part of our community or the true Bitcoin movement. Just a bunch of apes, if you ask us!

Right, Ash. I’ve been thinkin’ the same. It’s either HODL or pucker up for them rosebuds. Now we know they’re just a bunch of kissers, ain’t they?

You bet, Booker. Now, switchin’ gears to Europe, they’re plannin’ some NATO maneuver with 90,000 soldiers to show Russia they mean business. In this geopolitical climate, that’s about as wise as a screen door on a submarine. And we reckon Biden’s got his fingers in that pie.

But calm down, ’cause Trump’s stirrin’ the pot. During a campaign speech in New Hampshire, the former President vowed to block any U.S. central bank digital currency (CBDC) if he’s reelected. He’s callin’ it a “dangerous threat to freedom,” sayin’ it’d give the government way too much control over folks’ money. Trump’s standin’ firm, sayin’ he won’t let that happen on his watch. Yeehaw, we say! Right on, Trump!

Now, let’s talk crypto. Ethereum’s lookin’ to end its 18-month losing streak against Bitcoin. But Bitcoin ain’t out of the woods yet, with prices dippin’ near $40,000 and traders gettin’ jittery.

Some crypto enthusiasts reckon ETH’s set to outshine BTC goin’ forward. Time will tell on that front.

And then there’s Javier Milei, the Argentine President, shakin’ things up at the World Economic Forum. He’s preachin’ that socialism’s a straight path to poverty and advocatin’ for free market capitalism as the way forward. His speech was a barn burner, reflectin’ the mess Western countries are in thanks to socialist parties in government. We reckon folks are wakin’ up to the fact that this ideology just don’t work and are startin’ to vote patriotic. It’s not just “America First” anymore; we’re seein’ this sentiment growin’ in Latin America and Europe too. It’s happenin’, folks!

Milei’s arguin’ that the Western world’s in danger ’cause of a shift toward collectivist policies. He’s all about free market capitalism, sayin’ it’s what’s brought the modern world to its most prosperous point in history. He’s a big believer in libertarian ideals, advocatin’ for private property, free markets without state intervention, and social cooperation.

Milei’s also warnin’ that more world leaders need to speak out against shiftin’ socioeconomic ideologies that he believes are oppressin’ individual liberties. He’s callin’ for a stand against more state control, more regulation, and more socialism, which he says will only lead to more poverty and less freedom.

We’re with you, Milei! And no apologies to Klaus Schwab and his crew!

So, we’re back to our monthly accumulation phase. Guys, it’s time to raise a glass to the resilience and potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cheers for now, and long live the spirit of crypto!

Peace out, y’all!



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